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Cast98 Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Theatre Software

Cast98 is now available as an enterprise solution for organizations who want premium support, a private self-branded space, and unparalleled access to performer profiles.

Member Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Private server for member theatre companies ("studios")
  • Custom subdomain of your choosing
  • Featured studio placement for all members on a public regional server
  • Premium phone support

And then, on your private server you'll enjoy:

  • Top-of-page logo placement and branding options
  • Streamlined user experience for performers
  • Unlimited access to all actor profiles
  • Multiple levels of user permissions
  • Full access to all of Cast98's professional-grade tools
  • Early access to new features

Who Should Buy

  • School Systems/Boards of Education supporting multiple drama programs
  • University Systems/Campus Networks supporting multiple drama departments
  • Theatre Associations with standing memberships
  • Professional Theatre Organizations

Licensing & Subscriptions

Theatre Licensing

Buy a license for each theatre group that will share your private server. Licenses are a one-time purchase that covers the cost of your server's initial setup and support.

  • First license: $9,999
  • Additional licenses: $1,999 each

Additional licenses can be purchased as your server grows. Licenses are transferable within your server, so if you lose one member and gain another, you will not need to purchase an additional license.

Professional Membership

In addition to the license for a private server, an active Pro Membership on a regional server is required for ongoing hosting and support for your private server.

Current regional servers are available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

One Pro Membership covers your entire server and all server members.

You can start your annual membership on a regional server at any time, even before you purchase a license. Simply create a studio page if you don't have one already, and follow the prompts to manage your membership.

Once the private server is operational, you can manage your subscription from within the private server - no need to revisit the regional Cast98 server!

How To Get Started

When you're ready to begin...

  1. Create a free studio page on Cast98
  2. Buy your studio's Pro Membership
  3. Email to start the conversation about your private server

When you contact us, please include the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Your company affiliation
  • A link to your studio page on Cast98
  • The subdomain you'd like to use
  • Number of licenses you need

You'll receive an invoice via email which can be paid via credit card, ACH transfer, or mailed check.

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