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Cast98 | Making Auditions & Rehearsals Easier

Ditch Spreadsheets
For Something Better

Cut out 20+ hours of redundant administrative work for your stage manager, per show. Auditions and rehearsals are easier with our all-digital tools.

"LOVE the platform so far. It's a stage manager's dream." - Cassie, MS

Paperless Audition Form specialized for theatre

  • Mobile-friendly and secure
  • Famous 5-minute setup
  • Save private director notes and grades for each auditionee
  • Drag-and-drop auditionees to the cast list

Proprietary Rehearsal Schedule one version, never outdated

  • Make the whole schedule in hours, not days
  • Automatically sync conflicts from audition forms
  • Let actors sort, filter, and export their rehearsals

Community Theatre 💖 inspired by an overburdened director

  • Beloved by parents with 2+ children
  • Priced for non-profits
  • Used by schools, colleges, local and professional theatre companies

Get Started 1-2-3

1. Profile

You have a profile! Create your profile

Privacy is a top priority and your user profile is the key.

2. Theatre

You're following a theatre! Add your theatre

A place for your actor network to see your upcoming shows.

3. Shows

You're in a show! Post a show

In 5 minutes, you're ready to receive auditionees.

"We held our auditions yesterday and it was a breeze!" - Michelle, NJ

10-Minute Video Tour

See everything from auditions through rehearsal scheduling

Are you sick of apps that talk big but don't show you anything in their so-called "preview"? This video tour takes you through all of Cast98's core features in just 10 minutes.