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Terms and Privacy

By signing up to use, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Note that while these terms are written in plain, easy-to-understand language, the intent is quite serious and legally binding.

Last updated 2019 Sep 6

Terms of Use

Cast98 is an online tool that is targeted for small performance companies. That's not to say that large, well-oiled organizations won't find our services useful, but our primary purpose is to enable small venues the luxury of digitizing and automating pieces of their audition, casting, and rehearsal processes.


As a Cast98 user, you will occasionally receive transactional emails relevant to your account activity like audition reminders, changes to how a service works - things like that. On occasion we will send notices about new features, server downtime, or membership structure but really... we try not to bother you unless it's really important. We only send about 3 emails per year, truly.


If you upload a headshot, logo, or image of any kind, we may use it elsewhere on our website but never in external advertising like commercials or billboards.

If you use our message boards or interact with us on social media, we may grab a snippet of what you've said and promote it on our website if it seems helpful to other users.

If you click on an advertisement while using Cast98 (we are currently ad-free), your name and email will be shared with the advertising partner so that they can follow up with you.

Data Storage

We take steps to ensure that your data is backed up at all times, but sometimes catastrophic events happen. If we for any reason ever lose your data in such a way that's harmful to your real-world operations, we promise to make things right as quickly and as fully as possible. It might mean we offer you future discounts, refunds, or upgrades to get you back up and running. However, you recognize that Cast98 is not intended to be the sole source of information regarding your business, your recitals, your shows, or other operations you own. As such, you agree not to sue Cast98 if you ever experience website downtime or loss of stored data at a time that is inconvenient. Again, we're making every effort to ensure your information is available all the time and our support team is standing by to assist you as needed.

Beta Terms of Use

If you are invited to be a beta tester for any new features, you recognize that you may encounter errors on our website. That is to be expected.

As a user getting a sneak preview of brand new services, we expect you to provide us regular information about what you like and don't like about our services, including suggestions for improvements and reports of errors as you encounter them. Without your regular and honest feedback, we might launch new features before the bugs are stamped out, and that hurts everyone.

Third Party Apps

Cast98 uses the following third party apps, so please review their terms of use to learn more about how they use your data:

Privacy Policy

Cast98 is an online tool that offers the convenience of storing performer information for repeated use. We don't sell your personal information or use it in advertising, nor do we publish it for public viewing.

Profile Privacy

There are privacy measures in place to protect your contact information from being publicly searchable. We've been diligent to ensure that your information is never visible publicly unless you've changed your profile privacy from the default setting.

All the information on your profile, including your email address, phone number, and emergency contact details, is private by default. You can edit your profile to update your privacy settings if you want to be findable by casting directors who might be searching our actor database.


When a director publishes the cast list, actor names are publicly visible on the show page.

The cast and crew of a show can see each other's name, email, headshot, and bio. They can also see on the rehearsal schedule when a fellow cast member has a conflict (but details about the conflict are director-only).

Auditions Privacy

When you submit an audition form on Cast98, you are opting in to share personal information from your profile with the director(s) of the show.

A show director may have multiple show managers, and Cast98 does not moderate or endorse anyone who is given director privileges. These show directors will have access to all of your profile information including social media and contact info, emergency contact info, biographical info, any headshots and resume that you've uploaded, and private notes from past shows that other directors may have left (such as allergies, punctuality, etc.).

Please consult with the studio that posted the show if you have questions about who exactly will have access to the show as a co-director.

Stage Names Are Allowed

As the saying goes, anything on the Internet never disappears. If you are in a life situation where protecting your identity is super duper important, please refrain from using your real name on your profile. Stage names are common in the entertainment industry, and completely allowed on Cast98.

Cast98 isn't responsible for anyone being findable. The nature of the acting industry is such that getting discovered means having your information readily accessible to producers and casting directors. We try to foster an active networking environment on Cast98 while maintaining a safe space for the young actors using our services, so be smart about your information and make sure you're taking steps to protect your own privacy, not just on Cast98 but everywhere else too.

Theatre/School/Business/Billing Privacy

Your billing information is private to only you. It is not stored by Cast98. In fact, it doesn't even pass through our servers. It's totally your information and we will never try to store it, steal it, or sell it.

Cast98 is not responsible for any fraudulent charges on your card because again, we don't store your information on our servers. Our payment gateway is powered by Stripe, so please visit to learn about their privacy policy.

Information about your business will never be sold to third-party websites, either.

Information about your business and Cast98 activity is compiled in anonymous reports to help us serve you better. We're not spying and we don't look at any single user's activity, but we do look at aggregate analytics related to what areas of the website our customers are using most frequently to make better decisions about future features to add or remove from Cast98.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, or if you think we can better clarify something here.

Change History

2019 Sep 6

Nothing truly changed, we just clarified some things and added headings to make it a little easier to skim.