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I already cast my show. Can I just use the scheduling feature?

You can't skip the audition form but you CAN start scheduling rehearsals very quickly by posting your show now and inviting your cast members to submit the audition form right away. It takes them 5 minutes to complete and will save you hours of work!

The audition form is required because it's how performers give permission to the director to access their private information. It is also the quickest way to get their conflicts into the system so that the Schedule Maker can work its magic.

As your cast submits their audition form on Cast98, you'll need to assign them to the cast list so that they show in the Schedule Maker.

It would be a disservice to your performers if you tried to find a workaround to DIY instead of using Cast98's audition form. They will love the ability to filter and export their rehearsals, and you will be finished in a flash!

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The very first show that used Cast98 had 102 cast members.

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